Cineplex App Review for Windows 10

The Cineplex app for the Windows 10 Operating System is a free app available at the Windows store. It is quick and easy to install and looks quite nice when you boot it up. The header image for this post is the home screen.

The movie posters on the front screen are the biggest hits currently playing in theatres and it is an easy click and drag exercise. After such raving reviews this weekend how could I choose to see anything else except Wonder Woman??

Theatre Selection WW

Immediately after I click on the Wonder Woman poster I am taken to the screen above. Since I have already chosen a few favourite theatres, they pop up as the first showtimes available for me. I want to check out the UltraAVX option which is only playing at the very new Lansdowne Cinemas.

I need to switch from Sunday to Monday and that is very easy to do at the top of the screen. The ideal time on Monday is 6:45pm because I can head out for a little pre-movie supper right after work.

ticket wwUnfortunately there is no direct link to the 6:45 showing, and also no link to show me available seats. There is only the very general “Buy Tickets” button. Hitting that brings up a ticket like pop up (image on the right) where I am now allowed to choose my time. There is the option of sharing this purchase to my friends on Twitter which could be a neat feature. It also depends on who you are sharing with as it is probably not a great idea to put it out there exactly when you are NOT going to be home. I guess the same could be said about this post but I am safely assuming that no one reading this knows where I live!

This is where my first major disappointment happens. After I hit the buy tickets button I am asked to log into my account again, even though I am logged into the app. I’m not quite sure why this happened but it is a little annoying, and presents a little doubt in the whole transaction.

When I am making any purchases online any little hiccup in the process makes me think that the transaction may not be entirely safe. As a consumer I am looking for seamless perfection. Unreasonable?


I don’t want to be worrying about identity theft or credit card fraud when I am in the middle of getting ready to do something really fun!

Finally, I get to reserve my seat. I REALLY like how the website makes this option available even of you haven’t logged in or chosen which movie you want to see yet! However I do get the up-sell for DBOX. This is definitely something I will check out at a future date but not today. Plus with UltraAVX and 3D my ticket is already at $17.50!

I always choose a seat a little closer than most peoples preferences. Usually 3 or 4 rows up in the middle section is my wheelhouse. I like to be totally immersed in the action and don’t want to be distracted by people coming and going and occupying my precious peripheral vision. Anything that distracts from the story unfolding before me only serves to lessen the quality of the experience.

Now it’s time for payment. I discover a gift card in my wallet and enter it into the form and discover there is a whole $3.50 remaining! Hell, I’ll take it with that price tag.

I select the print ticket at home option because the mobile code seems like a pain in the ass. I read something about still having to head to kiosk upon arrival or see a ticketing agent… not my idea of improved convenience, but hey I guess if you don’t have a printer and want to buy ahead of time.

The e-mail with my ticket arrives instantaneously after I complete my transaction and that was that.

I should point out that there are a number of other interesting options available on the app. There is the free Cineplex magazine available for download. The writing is virutally too tiny to read but luckily I have a touch screen that I can zoom in with. They also keep a long history of published magazines available for viewing.wwmag

There is a Cineplex store for buying or renting movies from a decent (if somewhat misleading) price of $4.99. When you click on it you discover it is in Standard Definition. HD is a buck more. Not a big deal but c’mon, post the HD price on the link.storeww

There are a bunch of trailers for your viewing pleasure, unfortunately preceded by a 30 second ad. The video flows smoothly but it would be nice to be ad free.

There’s also a easy to use place to buy e-gift cards which I plan to use in the near future to reward new e-mail subscribers to Cinema 24-7.

Finally there’s a section for Movie News which upon a quick glance I found to be disappointing. Not much effort put into detail or format. Maybe the monthly magazine is enough for Cineplex’s purposes…

All in all I did like the app, but it also has a few areas where improvement is needed. I give the Cineplex Windows 10 app a “B”.




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