Well I think I finally pulled it off.

I have spent the last 3 years in a desperate search for something that I was passionate about. I have watched endless Ted talks about finding your purpose. I have delved deeply into the concepts of spirituality trying to discover the nature of my true self. I have even started a YouTube channel discussing all of the self-awareness techniques I have learned along the way.

But as they always say, my true passion was in front of me all along.

Going to the Movies.

I absolutely LOVE going to the movie theatre.

As soon as I walk through the front doors of the local multiplex I am filled with excitement and anticipation. The sounds of the arcade machines echoing in the wide open space. The smell of the incredibly unhealthy, but oh so delectable, freshly popped popcorn. And fountain pop. For some odd reason there is nothing quite as good as movie theatre fountain pop. Upon entering the building I quickly scan the environment and formulate my strategy:

  • How busy are the automated ticket machines? What about the ticket clerk?
  • Which food line is the shortest? Or rather which line has no kids in it?
  • How long has the movie been out? Do I need to reserve a seat with my jacket before even thinking about a food line?
  • Am I late or early? How late? How much time will the ads/previews buy me?
  • If I’m early, should I hit the john now or right before show time? If I am going solo and wait I’d have to trust the crowd to leave my food/jacket alone.

And the list goes on. But it has all become so automatic that I don’t even notice I’m doing it.

Finally I get to my seat and the lights go down. The previews are over. The opening credits start to roll. I lean back in my chair and cross my legs to the left. I stuff my bag of popcorn down in the gap between the armrest and my hip, put my pop in the left cup holder, and I settle in for 120 minutes of escapism.

I hand the entirety of my senses over to the director. I only see what they want me to see. Hear what they want me to hear. And feel how they want me to feel. The ‘Graham’ that was worried about fixing the 45 year old septic system, paying for a new roof, or figuring how to raise his kids without ruining them, takes a temporary backseat to the story unfolding right in front of me.

Ahhhhh, now THIS is two steps from heaven.

For this blog I am going to focus on how to make the already wonderful experience of going to the movies even better. I will talk about picking the right theatre and format, the many ways of buying your tickets and food, available contests, new tech on the horizon, and the many other movie going services that are provided.

I hope that by coming to this site regularly I can help you plan your movie night the right way. The way you want it. And make it the best experience possible.

Image: Creaturart Images/Shutterstock